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The NOAA 200th Anniversary Web site offers stories on the past (Foundations), present (Transformations), and future (Visions) of major activities within NOAA. From this page, you can access all of these stories in one of two ways...

You can use the Foundations, Transformations, and Visions scroll bars above to view available topics. Click on the arrows on each "bar" to browse through available topics for each time period. When you see something that interests you, click on the image.

You can also access articles by browsing through the article titles listed below (organized by topic). When you find the article you are looking for, click on the title and prepare to start reading!

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Atmospheric Research

Aviation Weather Forecasting

Climate Research

Climate Data Management

Coastal Ecosystem Research

Coastal Management

Coastal Mapping

Coral Reef Conservation

Diving Program

Ecological Forecasting

Environmental Satellites

Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping

Fisheries Managment

Fisheries Science and Technology

Fisheries Stewardship

Gravity Surveys

Habitat Restoration

Harmful Algal Blooms


Marine Protected Areas

Marine Sanctuaries

National Estuarine Research Reserve System

National Ice Center

National Spatial Reference System

National Ice Center

National Status and Trends Program

Nautical Charts

NOAA Aircraft

NOAA Corps

NOAA Ships

Oceanographic Data Management

Ocean Research

Protected Resources

Remote Sensing

Sea Grant

Severe Weather Watches and Warnings

Spill Response

Surveying Elevations

Surveying Using Satellites

Tides and Currents

Tsunami Warnings

Weather Observations

Weather, Ocean, and Climate Prediction

Weather, Water, and Climate Forecasts and Warnings