For Fun

As part of the 200th celebration, have some fun (and learn something too) with the materials and activities below. Read below to find out what each section contains or use the links found on the right to explore these areas.


200th Celebration Desktop Wallpaper

Looking for the perfect picture for your computer? Download this colorful image of the entrance to Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire, to use as desktop wallpaper for your computer.

Mark Trail Comic

Check out this Mark Trail comic strip celebrating NOAA's 200th anniversary that appeared February 11, 2007, in papers across the nation. 

NOAA Emblem Mosaic

View this mosaic of the NOAA emblem, assembled from photos submitted as part of the NOAA 200th Celebration Photo Contest.

NOAA 200th Celebration Photo Contest Winners

To help commemorate NOAA's 200th anniversary in 2007, NOAA sponsored the NOAA 200th Celebration Photo Contest. The contest collected images that honor NOAA's visual heritage and to expand its image library. The winners in four categories were announced at the 200th Opening Ceremony in December, 2006.

Postcards from the Field

As part of the 200th Celebration, we asked staff from around NOAA to send in their "Postcards from the Field." A "postcard" is a photo from a NOAA field office, science center, or any site on the globe where NOAA is conducting research or field work. The postcard includes—anywhere in the shot—a NOAA 200th emblem or banner.