Timber Tower

Timber towers were custom-built at the survey site by surveyors, using materials near the site. These towers were sometimes built around trees, with the trees acting as the "inner tower."

Timber towers


Timber towers were made with materials on-hand, at, or near the construction site. Usually, these towers were unique in design, built to fit local circumstances and the height required at a particular site. Timber towers were built with both inner and outer towers constructed of raw timber. Sometimes, an outer tower was built around a tree and the tree acted as the "inner tower." In other instances, the sides of the towers were built flat on the ground and then raised with ropes to the vertical position, where they were fastened together.

  • Tower shown: Timber tower
  • Approximate dates of use: Mid-1800s to mid-1900s
  • Average heights:  Up to 275 feet
  • Materials of construction: Wood
  • Unique features: Sometimes constructed around trees.

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