Monitor Photomosaics

Because cameras are limited in the field of view they can capture in a single frame, scientists use photomosaics, which are a series of images pieced together, to gain a "full" view. A photomosaic of the Monitor wreck was created in 1975 and, in 2006, images were collected to create a new mosaic. This new photomosaic will be available in 2007.

Monitor Photomosaic

Monitor Photomosaic

The last photomosaic of the Monitor was created in 1975.

High resolution available. (847Kb, 3000x1111).

Equipment Deployment

Equipment deployment

Equipment deployment during the Summer 2006 expedition to the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary. Thousands of images of the wreck were collected and will be pieced together to create a new photomosaic.

High resolution available. (3MB, 4288x2848).

In July 2006, the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary and the University of Rhode Island collaborated to collect high-resolution digital still and video imagery of the entire Monitor wreck site. The collected imagery will be made into a new photomosaic.

A photomosaic is created by combining several images into one complete image. Such mosaics provide scientists with an accurate picture of the entire wreck site and its surroundings, to allow them to track changes in the site over time.

The last photomosaic of the Monitor was completed in 1975, shortly after the wreck site was designated as a national sanctuary.

The new photomosaic will be completed in 2007. The 2006 expedition to collect images for the new mosaic was broadcast live via the Internet. Archived video from the expedition can be viewed on the OceansLive Web portal.

  • Location: Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, 16 miles off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
  • Material: Computer-generated model
  • Notable Features: Over 3,000 images will be pieced together to create the new photomosaic of the Monitor

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