The Monitor's Anchor

The Monitor's anchor was a short, four-fluked anchor weighing over 1,000 pounds. It was unique in its short, four-fluked design. Recovered in 1983, the anchor has been restored and is currently on display at The Mariners' Museum in Newport News, Virginia.

Monitor's Anchor

Monitor's anchor covered in rust

The Monitor's anchor, recovered in 1983, underwent three years of treatment to remove corrosion before being placed on display. Image courtesy of The Mariners' Museum.

High resolution available. (6.7MB, 1992x3000).

Monitor Anchor Exhibit

Monitor's anchor on display at The Mariners' Museum

The Monitor's anchor on display at The Mariners' Museum. Image courtesy of The Mariners' Museum.

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The Monitor’s anchor was unique because it is a relatively short, four-fluked anchor that weighs about 1,350 pounds. The shank and two of the flukes were constructed in one piece, with the other two flukes attached by large threaded pins and square nuts.

Artifact Recovery

The Monitor’s anchor was recovered in 1983, approximately 495 feet south-southwest of the bow of the wreck. The anchor was originally found with two of its flukes exposed and two buried in the ocean floor. Still attached to the ship, the anchor chain had to be cut so that the anchor could be raised to the surface with a lift bag and transported to a temporary conservation facility.

After nearly three years of stabilizing the anchor and removing all of the corrosion, it was put on display at the Department of Commerce building and the Washington Navy Yard before being brought to The Mariners' Museum, where it is on display today.

  • Location: The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia
  • Recovery: 1983
  • Material: Cast iron

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