Mark Trail Comic - February 11, 2007

The following Mark Trail comic strip celebrating NOAA's 200th anniversary appeared February 11, 2007, in papers across the nation. 

Mark Trail Comic Click image for larger view. Mark Trail image courtesy of artist-writer Jack Elrod and King Features Syndicate.


About Mark Trail

For more than 50 years, soft-spoken comic-strip star and veteran outdoorsman Mark Trail has been teaching people to preserve our natural resources – woods, water and wildlife – for future generations. Created by Ed Dodd in 1946 and drawn by Jack Elrod since 1978, Mark Trail appears in 175 newspapers, reaching nearly 23 million readers worldwide. Elrod was honored in 1988 by President Reagan for his efforts to develop more pride in America.

In addition to a Sunday page in which Mark Trail urges everyone to "reduce carelessness and abusive activity such as littering, vandalism and theft, and wildlife poaching," Mark Trail is now the official spokes-character for NOAA and serves as the voice of the National Weather Service and NOAA Weather Radio.

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