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The Surveyors: Charting America's Course
Education Materials

This section contains an ocean of inquiry-based educational tutorials, lesson plans, and informal activities to complement the film The Surveyors: Charting America's Course. Themes discussed in the film can be further explored with these fun materials on ocean, coastal, and Earth science topics.

Online Tutorials

Elementary School

Dive into the world's oceans to learn about mapping the sea floor and find out why such mapping is important to you. This activity will also help you learn more about NOAA's missions of discovery and service.

High School

These online tutorials, roadmaps to data resources, formal lesson plans, and research case studies present NOAA's science through an interactive learning environment. These materials have been developed for educators and students at the middle and high school levels.


Printable Lesson Plans

View this collection of inquiry-based, formal lesson plans that are based on the major thematic areas of the National Ocean Service Web site. All of the lessons emphasize hands-on activities using on-line data resources and are correlated to National Science Education Standards and the American Association for the Advancement of Science Benchmarks for Science Literacy.



These short, informal activities are intended to help you learn more about our world, and how NOAA helps you to explore, understand, and protect that world.



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