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Ecosystem-based Management Concept Development—Nationwide

In 1969, the Stratton Commission held hearings and meetings and made more than 100 recommendations in its report, “Our Nation and the Sea.” This report focused on developing a robust fishing industry through methods including ending foreign fishing in U.S. waters. Since then, new issues have emerged, and recent reports have included exploring an ecosystem-based approach to management as one of their priorities.

Development of an ecosystem approach to management is a concept that is taking shape around the country. Two independent reports and discussions of U.S. ocean policy were recently published that point to this approach:

At the direction of the Office of the President, the Council on Environmental Quality’s Committee on Ocean Policy then developed the 2004 “U.S. Ocean Action Plan” to address recommendations made in the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy report. Many recommendations in the plan are relevant to ecosystem-based management.